Early Access Update 4.0.2

The next early access update version 4.0.2 is finished! This version mostly includes updated sprite and animations for many of the enemies. There are two new songs added to the game as well (I still have a few more to finish for the full soundtrack to be complete). There are a few bug fixes, as well as improvements to Zard AI. Additionally, the Flash Bomb ability was buffed: the cooldown is reduced from 5 to 3 seconds. I hope this will encourage more utility from this ability, as before it was better to just use the regular bomb in nearly all cases during combat.

I feel we are approaching a finished state, I will have a set date for final release soon I hope. Early Access will not last too much longer.

I welcome your input on this development process. So as you play, be sure to let me know about your experience in TLL community forum or in the discord server with any suggestions you can think of. I can't do it without you! Linux updates will happen with the final release.

Here is a complete change-log for version 4.0.2:

  • Added Music: Void March (Obsidian Fortress) and Lost Reflections (Ebreath Archives).
  • Tweaks/Changes: Updated many enemy sprites/animations. Zard AI adjusted to lower variance of the distance they teleport from the player. Zards will now lose interest if the player exceeds a certain range or goes up or down a staircase. Flash Grenade default cooldown reduced from 5 to 3 seconds. (Upgraded 2.5 to 0.5 seconds). One chest in Kendlith Library now contains a Minor Health Potion instead of a Shadegrain Bread, to make the first mini-boss just a little easier.
  • Bug Fixes: Centipodes are no longer the only enemy that spawns in Seroth’s tomb. Fixed some missing pit collision at the Obsidian Rift. Fixed some errors on the overworld map. Music now starts correctly in First Peak City. Fixed an issue causing flopblocks to be moved to the wrong layer. Fixed an issue with lava platforms and cracked rocks that could allow game crashes.


The Last Librarian - 4.0.2 WINDOWS.zip 198 MB
Nov 11, 2019

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