Early Access Announcement

Today is a huge announcement! The Last Librarian will soon be available for early access, and we have a release date trailer!

This game is a huge project for me. There are so many different areas, eight dungeons, and a ton of different items and abilities. I am greatly inspired by Zelda (as you can probably see),  but The Last Librarian focuses more on the story as well. There are many different towns and NPCs that provide a look into the deep lore of Rosarah, with a complex history to discover to understand your purpose as a Librarian.

Early access will not last very long. The main content of the game is already complete. So this time is an opportunity to gather player feedback on the level-design and gameplay, as well as update the soundtrack and some of the graphics. I want to be able to polish the game more before fully releasing it, but I need player feedback to do that.

Thank you for all the support so far. I'm excited for everyone to finally be able to play The Last Librarian after all this time.

You can provide further support leading up to early access by sharing on social media, and joining The Last Librarian community discord server. That is where most of the development happens. http://bit.ly/2Ph6EAH You can also follow me on Twitter for frequent updates: https://twitter.com/CloakedGamesDev

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