Early Access Update 4.0.1

Hello everybody! The first update after the early access release is here, version 4.0.1. This one is entirely bug fixes with just a few aesthetics improvements. One major crash is fixed. However this is only for Windows, the Linux update will come once there have been more significant changes made. I am aiming for future updates to be release between every one to two weeks. Most will be bug-fixes and aesthetic improvements, but larger balance changes will be done as I am able.

Remember that to make these improvements, I need player feedback. So try the game out and leave a comment on the TLL community forum or in the discord server with any suggestions you can think of. I can't do it without you!

Here is a complete change-log for version 4.0.1:

  • Combat Changes: Reduced the damage rate from poison damage by half. Doubled the duration of Scopode poison effect.
  • Tweaks/Changes: Made the “Sign of the Lily” puzzle a little more clear. Playtime now displays on all tabs of the pause menu. Added a version number indicator on the pause menu (bottom right corner next to play time). Slightly adjusted the inventory screen to remove some of the overlapping issues and improve the aesthetics. Wraiths now show the interaction icon (even though they are invisible normally). Updated a few NPC sprites/animations (still more to do).
  • Bug Fixes: Fixed a crash that occurred when re-entering the Pain of Sand after it is completed. Fixed typos. Fixed a flickering text box on the Glass Automata initialization dialogue. Fixed some weird offset and coloring issues with the player sword swing right and sword swing up animations. Fixed collision mask for the “bouncer” at First Peak City. Fixed issues with displaying the player while sinking into quicksand. Added the fountain at the Obsidian Rift to the map. Fixed issue where the player would flicker when standing on a lava platform that was stuck in a raised flopblock. Fixed depth layering for Centipode segments, Centipodes no longer spawn all bunched together, Centipodes no longer get stuck in the walls of Seroth’s Tomb (I think). Terra now has the correct animation at night time.


The Last Librarian - 4.0.1 (WINDOWS).zip 175 MB
Oct 27, 2019

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