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The Last Librarian

Action-Adventure Puzzle game. Explore the intricate world of Rosarah. [10-20 hours]. · By Cloaked Games


Recent updates

The Last Librarian | 4.1.1
Version 4.1.1 is released! This comes with a few small bug fixes and various tweaks. Along with that are two larger announcements: First, 4.1.1 comes with a Lin...
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The Last Librarian | Final Release
The final release of The Last Librarian is here! I am so incredibly excited to share this game with everyone. The Last Librarian is an action-adventure puzzle g...
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The Last Librarian | Final Release Date
Hello everybody! I am pleased to announce the final release date for The Last Librarian! The game will launch December 14th, 2019 ! The early access period was...
Early Access Update 4.0.2
The next early access update version 4.0.2 is finished! This version mostly includes updated sprite and animations for many of the enemies. There are two new so...
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Early Access Update 4.0.1
Hello everybody! The first update after the early access release is here, version 4.0.1. This one is entirely bug fixes with just a few aesthetics improvements...
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The Last Librarian | Early Access Release
Today is the day! The Last Librarian finally enters early access officially. Thanks for sticking by so long, and I look forward to hearing your experience as yo...
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Early Access Announcement
Today is a huge announcement! The Last Librarian will soon be available for early access, and we have a release date trailer! This game is a huge project for me...
The Last Librarian | Strider Demo
Hello my friends, It has been a long time coming, but finally I can announce the next major demo for The Last Librarian. This is update 3.0.0, the Strider Demo...
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