The Last Librarian | Final Release Date

Hello everybody! I am pleased to announce the final release date for The Last Librarian! The game will launch December 14th, 2019!

The early access period was fairly short, but that was always the intent. I published the game in early access as a trial period, giving myself the leeway needed to address bugs and ensure the version I was publishing was everything it could be. Now, we have fixed many bugs, updated graphics, added new songs and done general polishing and improvements. It is ready now to be a finished game, The Last Librarian, my first fully finished published title, but not the last.

There will be one more version--released on launch day--4.1.0. This version will include a few more graphics updates, the final complete version of the OST, and a few more tweaks I've been wanting to make. The primary feature will be the ability to unlock the debug console which I used during the development of the project. There will be updates as necessary to fix game-breaking bugs, but otherwise 4.1.0 will be the definitive version of The Last Librarian.

The price of the game will increase to $20.00 on release day, so if you were thinking of buying it, you should get it now while the price is lower! Finally, there will additionally be a Gamejolt release on the day, for those who may prefer that download client.

I look forward to December 14th!

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