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The world of Rosarah is haunted by the ancient past. Grand civilizations fell to the iron fist of the Kithen Empire. The people suffered. But while the empire fell over 1,000 years ago, the guardians who protect Rosarah are dwindling.

They are the Librarians: the guardians of ancient knowledge and history, protectors of the 8 magic spell books which were originally used by evil to conquer Rosarah. In The Last Librarian, you play as Randel, who is thrust suddenly into his role as a Librarian when his grandfather is slain by an undead monster. You must unseal the spells, buried deep in well-guarded Libraries, in order to defend Rosarah once again from tyranny.


  • Explore the vast and detailed world of Rosarah. The game is open-world, so you can play the way you want in the order that you want to do it. As you explore, discover tons of secret treasure, collectible upgrades, and interesting places and people.
  • Learn the deep story of Rosarah, of its dark history and present trials. Encounter the villain throughout and the people who help in the fight against him. There is complex lore to find in the world, detailed characters, and a growing stake in the conflict.
  • Uncover the secrets buried in the hidden Libraries. Throughout Rosarah, there are 8 distinct and varied dungeons, each with their own mechanics, multi-layered puzzles, and rewards.
  • Battle 14 powerful and challenging bosses, and tons of other fun enemies, using a huge variety of strategies and magical weapons and abilities.

The game is designed to be especially challenging, a far-cry from the traditional Nintendo Zelda experience. There are between 10 and 20 hours of play-time total depending on how many secrets you seek to collect, and how skilled you are.

[Note] There are keyboard controls (configurable), however a controller is recommended for the best experience.

This game is available on Windows 10. A Linux compatible version will be available early January 2020.

PlatformsWindows, Linux
PublisherCloaked Games LLC
Release date Oct 19, 2019
AuthorCloaked Games
Made withGameMaker: Studio, FL Studio
TagsAction-Adventure, Exploration, Open World, Pixel Art, the-last-librarian
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityConfigurable controls
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Buy Now
On Sale!
50% Off
$20.00 $10.00 USD or more

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