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The world of Somnar dreams, but never sleeps... The Twin Suns march overhead, marking the passage of the Changing. As they pass, reality transforms into something unrecognizable.

The Luminary Sonya--chosen by the god Ta'Reya--awakens and sets forth to vanquish Darkness, just as she was born to do. However, her old home has become strange in her absence. Sonya's quest will force her to grapple with her faith and will challenge everything she believes to be inerrant truth.

Daughter of Dreams is an epic fantasy tactical RPG with an ever-changing world.

  • Explore the dense and interconnected world of Somnar.
  • Build your team and battle hordes of monsters with creative strategies.
  • Find secrets, solve puzzles, and customize your abilities.

Current Features

  • Chapter 1
  • Party Members:  Sonya, Lydia, and Duran.
  • Areas: Enchanted Grove, Brightguard, and Tanglewood.
  • Bosses: Hypercharged Gigaglobber, Husk Brightlord Adama, and Defiled Heart.

Upcoming Features

  • Chapter 1-2 Interlude
  • Better Tutorials
  • Side Quests

Why beta? Daughter of Dreams is currently in beta in order to gather feedback before releasing the game to a broader audience. The game is free until the official release!

What is next? I am planning one more major content update, including the Chapter 1-2 Interlude and several new sidequests. At this point, the game will release officially, for $10.00. There will still be a limited demo available for free.

Chapter Two? I do not have the time or resources to develop Chapter Two. This game has a massive scope that is far too much for me to accomplish alone. Thus, I am releasing Chapter One as a stand-alone game (albeit an incomplete story). I will be working on a new game instead, though Daughter of Dreams may return in the distant future...

The total playtime for chapter one is about 6-8 hours.


Daughter of Dreams - 23.05.3b Windows.zip 24 MB
Daughter of Dreams - 23.05.3b Linux.AppImage 26 MB

Install instructions

Download and extract the .zip. Run "Daughter of Dreams.exe".

Download and run the .AppImage. You may need to make it an executable.
The Linux build is currently untested.
If you try it, please tell me if it works or not!

Web Browser
Daughter of Dreams is also available for browsers at GX.games. Currently supports Chrome, Opera, and Edge.

Development log


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Great game =) definitely going to keep my eyes on this!! Nice rpg style elements, strategy (not my forte but hey im learning haha) and more! May have to put this on the list of what i livestream when i get into the situation that i CAN livestream. Keep up the amazing work and left a follow!!

Thanks for playing! I am honored.