A downloadable game for Windows

This is our submission to the GMC Jam #8. The theme is "Boss Fighting Game".

Programming/Audio: Cloaked Games

Art: Pere https://twitter.com/PereDev

You are a gigantic dragon, living peacefully in your castle. Then, when you have one of your princess friends over for tea, the townspeople riot for some reason, marching to destroy your castle! They also want all your gold (which you obtained perfectly legitimately through investing). Defend your castle and make sure your tea party isn't ruined.

Use quick thinking, and OP attacks and spells to defend against randomly generated armies and sparing the princesses, while somehow preventing the rest from breaking down your gates. Win by saving 5 princesses, just the right amount for a tea party. Loose by being slaughtered by the angry mob.

You have four attacks:
- Fire Blast: explodes, dealing damage and burning enemies over time.
- Ice Breath: freezes enemies and slows them over time.
- Poison Cloud: poisons enemies over time.
- Dark Vortex: pulls enemies in, killing weak ones to collect their souls for health.

Recommended: Mouse with scroll wheel. Screen resolution minimum 1280x720.


The Hoard by Cloaked Games and Pere.zip 14 MB

Install instructions

Download, extract, and have fun!

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