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Made for GMC Jam #49. The theme was BETWEEN TWO WORLDS. Check out all the entries here: GMC-Forum.

In the distant future, THE OLD ONES fear that the world will come to an end. In order to save themselves, they construct THE SPIRE, a momentous machine. Many centuries later and the world has moved on. Nature has reclaimed remnants left by THE OLD ONES. NORAH--a young villager--feels an intrinsic call to visit THE SPIRE.

Go, NORAH, and activate THE SPIRE and bring THE OLD ONES to safety. 

The source code for SPIRE is available here.

Jam Team

  • Cloaked Games - Programming
  • Joseph Ellis - Writing
  • Sam - Artwork

Pre Jam


SPIRE - Jam Version (Windows).zip 4 MB

Development log

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