A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This is sort of a proof-of-concept game we made for the Jamcraft2 game jam. Our idea was to build a system that allowed players to craft spells out of runes, in a huge variety of ways. You can combine runes of different types and rune modifiers to make spells that kill slimes in a ton of different ways, including but not limited to...

  • Burning at the stake
  • Blizzards
  • Chain Reactions
  • Necromancy

We hope you enjoy. We didn't have time to add proper gameplay, but the spell crafting system is there and a testing ground to satisfy your spell-crafting needs. At least a few updates are expected in the future of this project. I like how this mechanic came out and definitely want to spend more time on it.

Team Members:

  • Julien (DerJulien): Particle Programming
  • Jacob the Viking: Sprites
  • Cloaked Games: Programming


Spellscriber - OFFICIAL JAM VERSION.zip 2 MB
Spellscriber - 1.0.1 WINDOWS.zip 2 MB
Spellscriber - 1.0.1 LINUX.zip 2 MB

Install instructions

Download the .zip file, and extract all of the contents to another folder.

Development log


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Hey, this looks awesome! Is there a Linux version? I don't have access to a Windows machine :-/

I am actually planning to make a Linux version for this project sometime in the next month or three I hope, but there is not one yet. I can't totally promise a Linux version, but I can say I will try at some point to make one.


Awesome! Take your time :-)

Is there a mailing list or something I can sign up to in order to receive a notification?

Try Wine to run it on Linux.


No mailing list required. It has been done.

Thanks for the encouragement. I have been motivated to update my main project to have a Linux build as well!