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Rocco's Bramble Ramble is a 2D deck-building card game. Rocco the Raven falls down into the roots of his tree, only to discover his tree is on the brink of death! Tasked with warning his family about the impending death of their home, Rocco fights and recruits allies along his way up the tree. During his journey, he fights mutated fungi, macho beetles, and sassy termites! Can Rocco collect enough sap to recruit creatures to his side, and prevail in battle against his enemies? Play to find out!

Zoe Davis - Team Manager and Narrative Designer
Jaden Corrado - Level Designer
Jonathan Hacker - Programmer and Gameplay Designer
Mark Esparagoza - Systems Designer
Pierce Papke - Art Director and Concept Artist
Meg Rouse - Animation and Character Artist
Sarah Thompson - Animation and Character Art
Keegan O’Rourke - Artist Eve Madrona - Composer for Sound and Music

Updated 5 days ago
AuthorCloaked Games
GenreCard Game, Adventure
TagsDeck Building


Roccos-Bramble-Ramble-Jam-Edition.zip 21 MB

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