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This was created for the GMC Jam 37. The theme was IT KNOWS SOMETHING YOU DON'T. Check out all the entries here: GMC-Forum.

You are an engineer, woken up from cryosleep to conduct emergency repairs on FAZIL, a doomsday AI designed to keep humanity safe from Armageddon. Solve puzzles by connecting circuits with tiles, rotating and sliding pieces into the right places. Explore the inner workings of FAZIL and find out what secrets it hides. Can you repair the AI before the apocalypse gets even worse? Additionally, test your skills in timed challenges with procedurally generated puzzles. See if you can beat the developer's high score in endless, and complete all the puzzles in story-mode with the minimum number of moves!


  • Story mode with 12 levels to learn the mechanics and uncover the secrets of FAZIL.
  • Engaging voice-acting (and subtitles) for the story.
  • Endless procedurally generated puzzles of several difficulties.

FAZIL was created by:

  • Cloaked Games - Programming, Puzzle Design, Music, Art
  • Joseph Ellis (CG’s Roommate) - Story, Audio, Voice, Art
  • FAZIL (Another Friend) - Voice Acting


FAZIL - 1.1 (WINDOWS).zip 37 MB
FAZIL - 1.1 (LINUX).zip 38 MB
FAZIL (Official Jam Version).zip 37 MB

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