A downloadable game for Windows

Exodus is a first-person point-and-click puzzle-adventure set in the distant future. Explore an ancient spaceship with beautiful illustrations, and solve puzzles to achieve victory. The fate of earth's survivors is in your hands if you have the wisdom to unravel the mystery.

This game was designed illustrated by Evelyn M. Lewis and programmed by Cloaked Games. Evelyn's work can be seen here: https://evelynmlewis.com/.

Full Credits:

  • Design and Illustration by Evelyn M. Lewis
  • Programming by Jonathan Hacker

Audio and Music:
Music is not included in the publicly available release.

Texture Artists:
Textures from Unsplash.com.

  • Annie Spratt
  • Benjamin Lehman
  • Dan Cristian
  • Dan Dennis
  • Felipe Santana
  • Joshua Bartell
  • Katie Harp
  • Marian Kroell
  • Michael Held
  • Michael Payne
  • Nick Fewings


Exodus-1.0.3B.zip 375 MB


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Lovely artwork and a nice play. Would be cool to see more in this universe, either pre exodus or post landing. :)


I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing!