Music Preview

It's been a long time since I've shown any progress, and I want to share at least one thing, even if it's unfinished.

Several people have asked about music, so I kicked it into high gear and actually made progress with that part of things. I have Soundcloud now and I've posted several unfinished songs that will be in Valley of Charon. If you want to listen, here are a couple songs fragments:

Unfinished Theme A (Piano):
- I don't what this is for. Please suggest something.

Charon's Sorrow:
- Main theme for the game, and for the villain. There's a story involving the villain, but not sharing that yet.

Whispers in the Sand:
- Super short beginning to the desert theme. This one is my favorite I think.

As I said, they're not done in any sense, but you can at least have a taste of what I'm planning for the music. If you have any feedback, I'd welcome it! Have a great day.

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