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This project is cancelled. I am working on a new project which will be revealed sometime far in the future. It is really cool, I promise.

Valley of Charon is a role-playing survival game set in a magical valley. You must collect resources, craft tools, build shelter and fight monsters in order to survive through the night. You need to hunt for food in order to avoid starvation. You can fight with swords, bows or powerful magical staves.

The Valley of Charon is a mystical, peaceful place. The bright sunlight, happy bees and butterflies, colorful flowers and chirping birds express the beauty of the valley. But at night, giant spiders, re-animated skeletons, and unstable magic creatures haunt what is truly a starving wasteland.

This project is currently in development, version Beta 1.3.2, and is planned to be fully released in the summer of 2018.  (EDIT: NOPE) In its current state, Valley of Charon is a straightforward survival game. However, in the future, we will expand the RPG elements, creating an open world, survival RPG with all of the survival elements and freedom that come with survival games, and the story, dungeons, quests, characters and puzzles that come with good RPGs. Our ultimate goal is to meld two genres.

Recent Update: Added baked apples, wisp lanterns, loot chests, and fixed bugs.


  • Development and Design: Cloaked Games
  • Art: JacobV, JellyJake112
  • Sounds: Joseph Benedetti


Valley of Charon - Beta 1.3.3.exe 2 MB

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