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This is my entry to the GMC Jam #5. The theme is: "Two Sides of the Same Coin".

A simple rouge-like where you search for the coin of Janus. If you manage to get the coin you can flip it to have Janus increase your wealth and luck beyond all compare or... Janus might not like you and you may end up ruined.

Move into an empty space with WASD or the arrow keys. Move toward an occupied space to attack enemies, break walls, and opens chests. Left click to select an item and right click to destroy/consume that item and gain bonus xp. Your ultimate goal is to find the spinning Coin of Janus. See how many levels you can make it before the enemies out-maneuver you and you die!

Programming and Art: Cloaked Games

Music and Sounds: 0.Bytes

More information

Published 85 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorCloaked Games
Tags16-bit, Roguelike

Install instructions

Download the exe, extract, and run the application.


The Coin of Janus (Official Jam Version) - By Cloaked Games and 0.Bytes.zip 22 MB